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Tracy Munden-Hancock

Hi, I am Tracy, and I have been working as a clinical social worker for 15 years. My focus has been working with children and their families. I hold a master’s degree in social work and I am a Registered Social Worker with the Nova Scotia College of Social Workers. I also have Bachelor's degrees in Sociology and Social Work. I am in the process of certification in Play Therapy through the Canadian Association of Play Therapy.

I enjoy using a family approach where everyone in the family is included in therapy. I have a belief that the most positive change occurs when everyone is working towards common goals. Parenting is hard work and sometimes it is a huge struggle understanding how to best approach a child’s behaviours and needs. I use different modalities of therapy based on the unique needs of the clients such as DBT-based
parenting strategies, emotionally-focused CBT, directive and non-directive play therapy approaches and narrative therapy with a focus on externalizing. I also think it is important to focus on the strengths that each family possess. I have significant experience working with clients with neurodivergences and enjoy helping them navigate the world around them.

When I am not working, I am usually spending time in nature or being with my family.

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