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Nicole Williams

Hi, I’m Nicole! I have been working as a therapist for 3 years. I also spent 4 years working directly with children in foster care and their foster families. I hold a Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology and am a Registered Counselling Therapist (Candidate) with Nova Scotia College of Counselling Therapists. I also hold a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Psychology and am nearing completion of a three-year certificate in Play Therapy through the Canadian Association of Play Therapy.


As a play therapist, I am interested in the symbolic language of play and how to use it in supporting children. Play therapy can help children express themselves, share their experiences, process their thoughts and feelings, and explore their self-concept in a way they cannot verbalize. In my work with parents, I am interested in educating on the underlying needs behind behaviors, how to support kids from a strengths-based approach, and how to help parents manage their own emotional triggers in challenging parenting situations.


Therapy is an individual process and requires a tailored approach for each child and/or teen. I utilize both child-centred (non-directive) and directive play therapy in my work with children and teens, depending on the needs of my client. Directive play therapy can include techniques from cognitive behavioral therapy, trauma informed cognitive behavioral therapy, sand tray therapy, narrative therapy, and traditional talk therapy.


Outside of my work, I spend most of my time outdoors with my two dogs, Winnie and Janie Lou.

“Toys are children’s words and play is their language”

- Garry Landreth

"If you follow the child... you can find out something new."

- Jean Piaget

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